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Alpha Licence Exchange is a platform where buyers and sellers of Alpha Affiliate and Master Licences and Alpha eMarket and Alpha ePay Royalty Licences meet.

The Alpha Licence Exchange provides administration, marketing and record keeping services to those who seek to:
a) sell and purchase Alpha ePay and Alpha eMarket Royalty Licences Contracts; and in the future,
b) sell and purchase Alpha Affiliate and Master Licences.

A Royalty Licence is a contract created between you and the business offering the Royalty Licence/s.

In the contract the business guarantees to pay you a share of the business gross sales on offerings as stipulated.

The amount of the payment is based on the number of Royalty Licences you purchase so long as you share information about the business and its offerings with your family, friends, and others.

A payment guarantee is a clause in the Royalty Licence contract which legally binds the business to pay you on the gross sales of the offering/s defined in the contract.

This means when the business makes a sale of the offering/s, a percentage of the sale amount is placed into a royalty pool account for those who hold Royalty Licences with that business.

These funds are then distributed amongst all Royalty Licence owners based on the number of licences they hold in the businesses royalty licence pool. 

You may list your Royalty Licence/s for sale three years after the purchase date by logging into the Alpha Licence Exchange and following the listing instructions.

You may use Alpha eMarket or Alpha ePay royalty licences as collateral for Interest free Alpha ePay dollar credit lines and loans.

The Alpha ePay dollar credit lines and loans may be used towards the purchase of a growing range of products and services inclusive of vehicles, boats and property as listed for sale in the Alpha eMarkets.

The Alpha Licence Exchange charges a brokering fee of 10% on the sale value received from all licences.

When a Royalty Licence is purchased the funds generated are paid into the Alpha Licence Exchanges bank account. The Exchange deducts the brokering fee and transfers the balance into the sellers bank account.

GST is charged by Alpha Licence Exchange on the sale of all Royalty Licences.

The Alpha Revenue Exchange accepts payment via bank transfer, Master/Visa/ American Express and JBL Cards as well as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP digital currencies.

Royalty Licences promoted for sale fall under the laws of contract and are not deemed to be securities which would require an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). 

When a member of Alpha ePay requires an Alpha ePay credit line and/or loan they are required to collateralise part of the Alpha ePay  borrowings in either Alpha ePay or Alpha eMarket Royalty Licences at the licences value on the Exchange at the time of the credit application.

As Alpha ePay dollars become more spendable and capital is harder and more expensive to borrow from conventional financers more Alpha ePay dollar credit lines and loans will be required to finance purchases and therefor a greater demand to purchase Alpha Royalty Licences to collateralise them.

There are a number of reasons why many look more favorably at buying Royalty Licences rather than shares in a company.
a) They offer a regular return on capital

b) They are not subject to deduction, including provision for administration expenses, and directors' fees and salaries.

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The Alpha Licence Exchange connects businesses to those who believe in their endeavors and wish to play a financial role in the businesses success.  

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